Monday, 11 November 2013

Annie's Song

I have a wonderful friend who is in trouble. She needs a liver transplant, and she needs it yesterday. I SO WISH there was more I could do for her. As a family we are searching for ways to help, ways to generate money, ways to support our dear, dear friends.

Cancer has touched my family. I can bet that it has touched yours, or your circle of friends. It is a fearsome, loathsome enemy and we need to find a way to beat it--eradicate it. What is happening right now to Ann--the kindest, most self-composed lady that I know--could happen someday to me, to my child, my parent, or to you. It's important to help others knowing that the shoe will eventually be on the other foot.

You might not know me. You might not know Ann and you may never have met her wonderful family. But most likely there is a special person that you know, right now, who is struggling with an illness or a family emergency. What I'm asking today is that you take the time, please, to read about my friend. If I can do anything to help it is to inspire others to help as well. If you can't help Ann, please reach out to that person you know--because surely there is someone near you that needs your help--and offer your support. A casserole, a card, a cup of tea, a ten dollar donation, this is help that reaches much further than you can ever know. Let us not forget the pain of our neighbours. Let us not be too busy to lend a hand. And let us not sink in despair and feel that our smallest of gestures won't make a difference. I know Ann, I know her wonderful spirit, and I know that she would feel her suffering is not in vain if it inspired others to help each other. Let's go out and do it.

Please read more about my friend and, if you can, give some money to help her. At the very least, help someone close to you. Thank you so much for reading.